In 1990, a group of 10 breeders from north-eastern Poland decided to accept the challenge posed by the local market and establish a company involved in turkey slaughter, carcass cutting up and sale. That's how the Production-Service-Trade Enterprise "Prosper" Ltd. seated in Łukta near Ostróda started its operations on February 15, 1990, and the first carcass was hung on the production line in October of the next year. From the very beginning the company’s management board emphasised the highest possible quality of products frequently modernising the process line and production rooms of the plant. Constant development of the potential of employees through the right system of motivation and training of managerial and executive personnel guaranteed the right usage of the company's capital and its technical-technological capabilities. Alter 12 years of operations, adaptation possibilities of production rooms were on a knife-edge making the owners accept another challenge. In the summer of 2002, their vision of a modern production rooms became a fact. After construction that lasted 6 months only, in late August of 2002. a new production plant was opened. One of the latest process lines in Europe facilitates slaughter of about 1,000 turkeys per an hour. The new plant surpasses the rigorous EU requirements in the field of production, environmental protection and safety of products of animal origin, what enabled obtaining one of Poland's first Integrated Permits. In January of 2003, the local Veterinary Inspection accepted supervision over the implemented HACCP system, and in February of the same year the Chief Doctor of Veterinary medicine granted the plant the right to production and export goods to the EU markets. Over 20 years of operations, the plant spared no efforts on establishing its position on the market of poultry meat producers creating a group of regular buyers of meat products and suppliers of poultry livestock for slaughter. The policy of constant improvement of technology and products is confirmed with implementation and certification of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000:2018, BRC Food and IFS Food standards. High quality and modern technology has been recognized in many countries including the Republic of China to which the company has export rights since February 2011. High quality and modern technology has been appreciated in many countries including the Republic of China where the company has export rights since February 2011.

Our certificates:
ISO 9001:2015 | ISO 22000:2018 | BRC FOOD | IFS FOOD

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